Palmaïa was built with the premise that Luxury is more about integration into the natural world than synthetic perfection. Your surroundings define who you are to the world and embody what you represent. Natural Integrated Luxury is all about living well but living connected nature, surrounded by what you really want to be. Palmaïa gives you what rarely exists in a world of excess, luxury or nature, just when you want it.

nature is what we see,

nature is what we hear,

nature is Harmony…

They say location is everything, we believe so too. Which is why we took five years to even start building, as every inch of land was measured and considered in order to have the least impact on the ecosystems, all while integrating the natural wonders into the design. 

From the endless protected dunes through to the cenote walks, down the Mayan trail where the jungle breaks onto the beach, into a crevasse filled with fresh water leading under the chît palms to the edge of a mangrove. The only more superlative aspects are the two private beach coves left in their natural state of wonder, the only ones of their kind in the Riviera Maya which will be open for private Wedding Ceremonies.

Palmaïa was conceived leveraging all our past experience in service, entertainment, design, passion and sustainability. It is a new brand that embodies the best of what we stand for, not just about luxury, it is about feeling right in order to enjoy. Once you feel connected to yourself and your surroundings you can relax like never before.