Exclusive Jungle Spa

The luxury Spa del Mar is a jungle oasis where luxury is elegantly fused together with the soothing elements of nature offering you a truly unique spa experience. Take in all the healing benefits of nature’s elements as they are combined with wide range of select spa treatments and all the magic and wonder of the Riviera Maya. The exclusive Spa del Mar is yet another compelling reason to stay at Palmaïa.

Exclusive Spa Resort

Nestled between low-lying jungle and a natural freshwater cenote (sinkhole), the top-notch spa offers everything from steam rooms, hot springs, fitness classes, yoga classes, hot tubs, locally sourced healthy meals, and a variety of treatments. Treatments include relaxing full body massages, deep tissue massages, to a plethora of health and beauty treatments. 

Exclusive Spa Retreat

Soak up the jungle vibes and breathe in the calming scents of lavender and jasmine as you chill out in one of the Jacuzzi style plunge-pools which have been perfectly integrated into the natural jungle rock. The jungle inspired architecture and décor blends seamlessly with the surrounding terrain, the entire spa has been built with minimal impact to the environment.

Aside from the modern spa treatments the Spa del Mar also offers a traditional Mayan sweat lodge session called a Temazcal. Purify your body, clear your mind, and cleanse the spirit as you delve into a truly unique cultural experience inside the stoned walls of the Temazcal. The health benefits of the Temazcal are well known, and it is worth booking yourself in for a session.

After you’ve indulged in your desired spa treatment you can hang out in the ocean-facing hammocks or stretch-out on one of the private Balinese sunbeds and soak up some vitamin D.

The Health Trail which is located adjacent to the spa is perfect for nature lovers who want to take a stroll through the jungle and maybe spot some exotic wildlife. The Health Trail also offers an excellent opportunity to go for a jog through the energizing jungles of the Riviera Maya. Why not take the time to indulge in

The Spa del Mar is your perfect excuse to take-in an elegant fusion of luxury and nature, as you enjoy some well-deserved relaxation during your vacation in paradise.