Palmaïa: The New Luxury Property in the Riviera Maya

Palmaïa is a newly built luxury hotel located in one of the most fascinating parts of the Riviera Maya, Mexico, and on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Its location allows guests to experience breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and at the same time, be intertwined between sand dunes and integrated into the jungle. Palmaïa aims to position itself as a resort beyond comparison, transporting their guests to a natural and luxurious paradise.

The property, equipped with 314 luxurious Oceanfront Suites, is located in front of the pristine turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, complemented with a mesmerizing 700-meter white sand beach, and adorning the landscape are several sand dunes.

Designed to evoke complete relaxation and satisfaction for families and adults, Palmaïa´s style originates from the natural integration between its surroundings and the Caribbean Sea. Nature plays an essential role in Palmaïa, while guests walk between the beach and the dunes they will find Chit palms, beach grapes, and other species of plants that are an essential part of a healthy dune ecosystem.

Ranging from king-size beds and bathtubs for couples to beautiful wooden bunk beds and double shower baths for children, comfortability is never a worry. Each space in Palmaïa is designed to make vacations more natural and enjoyable, allowing the option for their guests to choose the perfect suite that covers each of their needs. The choice of more spacious suites allows certain perks like children being able to sleep in separate rooms with their own SMART TV and private personal bathroom.

One of the unique aspects of Palmaïa is the emphasis on sustainability, which conveys a sense of environmental responsibility to all guests, featuring a new concept of a luxury holiday that coexists in harmony with its surroundings. Also, Palmaïa promotes conscious tourism among its guests and provides opportunities so that guests can engage in philanthropic activities with local communities for the benefit of the environment and the community itself.

Palmaïa has several restaurants with luxury designs and different concepts, all with à la carte menus designed by renowned Chef Eugenio Villafaña. These restaurants will take guests on a savory and mouth-watering journey with the diverse and exciting flavors of Mexico and the World.

In addition to unique rooms and flavors, Palmaïa is differentiated by offering an original Jungle Spa with a repertoire of exclusive treatments that carry the hallmark of the Mayan culture to purify and above all, evoke complete relaxation for those who experience it.

Palmaïa also offers discreet and classy activities for travelers of all ages, including live music during the nights on the beach accompanied by cold champagne and cocktails, prepared by resident mixologist, live cooking on the beach, mezcal pairing in the jungle, and more.

Lastly, one of the privileges of staying at Palmaïa is that guests will also have access to the adjacent all inclusive property facilities, thus complementing a memorable stay.