Pure Positive Vibes

Palmaïa offers a wide array of spectacular activities to keep guests of all ages engaged and exhilarated throughout their vacation. The resort also features designated relaxation areas along with a plethora of events and much more.

Feel the beach vibes and soak up the tranquil atmosphere at the Chill Out Bar situated on the soft white sands of the famous Playacar beach. Here you will experience a laid back Ibiza-esque atmosphere, with Ibicenco music, personalized service, signature cocktails, and the sound of waves lapping against the shoreline.

Unique enviroment and chill out spots will create the perfect vacation, where nature will be part of your soul and flavours and music will take you to another level of a luxury getaway


Nature, environment conservation, and providing support to local communities is an important brand pillar and part of the philosophy and mission of Palmaïa. As a guest you have the opportunity to participate in social initiatives and volunteer programs to help support the environment and local communities.