Sustainable Project

From its conception to the placement of the final stone, the conservation of fauna and flora has been paramount. Thanks to the advice of renowned biologists and experts in environmental science, a parallel project was launched to protect and preserve the species of the region by relocating them to nearby viable environments so that Palmaïa can coexist in harmony with nature, without impacting the ecosystem.

Nature in its purest form

Rather than invading, the architecture actually fames and preserves the original flora and fauna of the area highlighting the natural beauty of nature and all her elements. The commitment to the environment is visually obvious as palms, trees, shrubs, and native vegetation coexist in harmony within the resort.

This philosophy of coexistence with nature is present throughout the resort. Both the colour scheme and décor of the structure seamlessly integrate with the natural surroundings. 

Aside from the integration with nature the first-class service, beachfront suites with spectacular views, superior facilities, gourmet restaurants, and genuine dedication to hospitality are what separate Palmaïa from other resorts in the area.

Conceived according to the geography of the area, this complex enhances its natural beauty and promises the redefinition of luxury in the Riviera Maya.